CBB '24 - Week 6: Crossing Streams

It's Super Bowl Weekend, so let's be efficient, get some points, and get out of there.

CBB '24 - Week 6: Crossing Streams
A close one for the Cats

Crossing Streams

Week 6 Card

Week 6 Card - Feb. 10th
Each week, contestants are granted 1,000 in Available Free Play Points (AFPP). Contestants must allocate all 1,000 points across one or more of the following markets The submission deadline is 9am PT / Noon ET on Saturday Contestants’ goal is to generate “winnings” by making successful selections The amount of winnings generated by successful selections are determined by the amount of AFPP placed on the selection, multiplied by the multiplier at the end of each pick (e.g. if Arizona wins, an allocation of 100 points on “Arizona to win - 1.25x” would net 125 winnings, or 100 x 1.25) Official contest rules can be found here In order to enter, make sure you subscribe here


2024 College Basketball Contest - Master File - Google Drive

There is no writing this week, as this weekend's hoops card overlaps with the craziness of the Super Bowl Tournament. Speaking of which...

Click Here To Enter The Super Bowl Tournament.

Suggested Venmo buy-in @robnhq is $40.

Deadline to enter both cards and money is 6pm ET on Sunday.

On the hoops card this week, we've changed a few things up.

We're experimenting with more games while only offering win-loss markets.

  • Basketball point spreads are maddening
  • No one's really picking totals or EXTRAS, and they constitute much more work
  • "Will a team win?" is about as straightforward as you can get, and per the feedback from the good populus, we're trying to, "make it more straightforward."

We've got 13 of them for you this weekend. So at least there's more options for you to scroll through before you ultimately decide to put all your points on Kansas.

The card is highlighted by Baylor going into Phog Allen, where Kansas are large favorites. Come get your points.

Gonzaga returns last year's home and home to Kentucky and this was... not what CBS envisioned 19 months ago when they inked that contract.

Auburn tries to break out of what is effectively a four-way tie atop the SEC in what could be a sneaky close game at Florida.

Arizona could be exhausted after 3-OTs in Salt Lake City Thursday night, and face a letdown spot against Colorado.

Michigan State tries to extract itself from the middle of the Big Ten pack by knocking off the second-best Big Ten team (as a favorite).

Lowly Washington State is going for a 9-4 conference record and second place outright in the Pac-12 at Oregon.

Also, the ACC is a conference with teams in it like Clemson, Syracuse and Miami, that often play basketball that real human people watch on the CW Network.

Lastly, if anyone has an APB on the following individuals, their Top 64 seed is all but awaiting them if they merely return to the flock.

Someone, bring them back, and put their finger gently over the "submit" button.

  • Will Knight
  • Quincy "Quince Paste" Steiner
  • Johnny Galbraith
  • Stephen Hill
  • Shane "Rima'd Him Out" Rima
  • Spencer "The Full" Nelson
  • David "Smothered In" Ranscht
  • Derek "Three-Piece" Bradley
  • Mark "The Ombudsman" Osborne