Tone Eclipses Pearl, Crowned Champion Of Robn CBB '24

Kevin Tone is your 2024 Robn College Basketball Tournament champion, knocking off Josh Pearl by backing - who else - the UConn Huskies against the spread. And now, to the fairways!

Tone Eclipses Pearl, Crowned Champion Of Robn CBB '24

Also, There's Golf Now

Out with Winter, in with Spring. This appeared to be Kevin Tone's motto Monday evening as he dispatched of Josh Pearl by a final total of 1,797 to 990 on the heels of another UConn national title.

It took the Huskies on Saturday covering only in the final three minutes vs. Alabama for Tone to avoid a galling semifinals upset attempt from massive underdog, Shittens.

Pearl, meanwhile, dispatched his semifinal opponent, Flaming C, with about eight minutes left in the first game of the evening.

Those results set up a matchup between "Leave A Message" and "Clutching His" that was the UConn vs. Purdue of Robn participants, and it didn't disappoint.

In spite of our attempts to make it increasingly difficult for direct opponents to blindly pick the same markets as one another, each participant picked the under in the alt game total market, and each picked Donovan Clingan to score more than 14 points.

Thus, the evening turned on their only distinct pick, which happened to be opposite sides of the full game spread of 6.5. Pearl was on Purdue plus the points, while Tone took UConn to cover -6.5.

As with many UConn games, it started getting out of hand about four minutes into the second half. Before long, the whole affair was a weird sort of Purdue eulogy.

In the spirit of charity, the two have decided to split the pot with one another 60/40, as well as commit 20% of their winnings back to HQ. These gentlemen are the very picture of not only spirited competition, but munificence.

And to this end, this is our final call: If you enjoyed the Robn College Basketball experience, please consider donating here to help us meet our goal.

What's This You Were Saying About Golf?

The 2024 Robn Golf Tournament begins right now.

If you want in, let the commissioner know asap at

The Tournament will last eight consecutive weeks, beginning with the Masters and ending with the RBC Canadian Open. Future tournaments will hopefully last much longer and encompass all four majors, but we're dipping a toe here to start.

For each of the eight golf tournaments, participants will be sent a weekly card. Cards will come out Tuesday mornings and must be submitted by 11:59pm PT the following Wednesday.

Each card will feature a series of markets. Participants will be asked to select the winner (or "a" winner, if there can be more than one) of each market.

Participants will have no amount of points to remember. They'll have no fluctuating balance to manage. They'll just make picks based on the markets in front of them. It will look and feel much like the Robn 2024 Super Bowl Tournament.

Correct selections earn a certain amount points, which are listed on each card. Participants cannot spend these points. The points are merely a marker of participants' success relative to others.

Points accumulate week over week and determine participants ranking on the weekly leaderboard. The top three participants with the most points earned after the U.S. Open is over will split the prize pool 60%/30%/10%.

In order to enter the 2024 Robn Golf Tournament you need an Entry Code. In order to obtain an Entry Code you can subscribe to's Robn Golf content. To do this...

  • If you're logged in: Go to and click on "account" in the upper right hand corner. A pop-up will appear. In that pop-up, click "view plans." Choose the "Golf" plan, and input your information.
  • If you're not logged in: Go to and click on "subscribe" in the upper right hand corner. A series of subscription plans will show up. Choose the "Golf" plan, and input your information.

Subscribers will be sent a unique entry code for each week, which they will input on each weekly card. Participants may not submit a card without inputting a valid entry code.

This is a sweepstakes, so there is also an alternative free method of entry to the Tournament. But, this method involves utilizing a telephone and calling an actual phone number, like it's 2004, and communicating one's willingness to enter the Tournament in the form of song.

If you want to utilize this free form of entry and receive entry codes this way, contact the commissioner and he'll tell you how.

Week 1 Golf Card: The Masters

This card is made through Typeform. Please note:

  • Typeform does not allow HQ to send you confirmations of your responses. Thus, if you have questions about what you submitted, reach out to HQ.
  • You may submit multiple forms. However, only your most recently submitted form prior to the deadline will count.

Here is the Week 1 card: