CBB '24 - Week 1.5 Card & Leaderboard: What Fresh New Heaven Is This?

Special mid-week markets on BYU-Baylor, Duke-Pittsburgh, Tennessee-Mississippi State and UConn-Xavier

CBB '24 - Week 1.5 Card & Leaderboard: What Fresh New Heaven Is This?
BYU wants to christen the new Ferrell Center

A New Way To Enter And Play: Introducing The Mid-Week Special

"What the hell is this," you ask? Onions "Robn is a Saturday games' contest. This is throwing off my whole schedule."

I'll tell you what it is: It's the debut of the mid-week special.

This sounds like some thing you'd not order at a roadside diner. But the mid-week special is actually a condensed card that comes out mid-week for a few marquee games. All the other rules apply.

You have 1,000 points to spend. You try to generate winnings. Winnings from the mid-week card count the same as any other winnings and are added to your total. All of your picks on your card must be submitted before the posted tip time of the latest game that you're picking.

There might not be a mid-week special every week. But here in January, while Robners are still coming out of their holiday slumber and shaking off the cobwebs, we want to give people as many chances to enter and rack up winnings as they can.

And all you have to do to enter is, well....

How To Enter

  • Fill out a card (and preferably, keep filling them out)
  • Subscribe for free to www.robnsports.com
  • Tithe to the Robn venmo account linked below (not actually required, but encouraged)
  • Missed a week (or two)? No problem. Flex back in to play whenever you like

How To Fill Out A Card

  • Each week, contestants are granted 1,000 in Available Free Play Points (AFPP)
  • Contestants must allocate all 1,000 points across one or more picks
  • Contestants' goal is to generate "winnings" by making successful picks
  • Submission deadline for the mid-week card is Wednesday at 7pm ET.
  • Submission deadline for the Saturday card is Saturday at Noon ET
  • The amount of winnings generated by successful selections are determined by the amount of AFPP placed on the selection, multiplied by the multiplier at the end of each pick

How To Win

  • At the end of conference tournament week (March 17th) be in the top 64 contestants as ranked by their total cumulative winnings
  • Get entry into the Robn CBB Tournament, where your tournament seed will be determined by your final place in the standings
  • Play head-to-head in bracket form, trying to generate more winnings in each round than your direct opponent
  • Win each round of the tournament, and win the $2,500 grand prize

This week's card features four marquee matchups, including BYU @ Baylor, where somebody's fourth-ranked team in the country will look to christen the Bears newly renovated Ferrell Center.

Tuesday night:

  • BYU @ Baylor - The Cougs, everyone's darlings, are a 1.18x multiplier on the road. Two extremely good shooting teams
  • Duke @ Pittsburgh - Pitt doesn't have a win over a top 150 opponent all year, but the markets think this is trickier spot than you'd expect

Wednesday night:

  • Tennessee @ Mississippi State - Vols just demolished Chris Beard, while Cowbell is coming off a South Carolina loss and starts a three-game slate of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Bama
  • UConn @ Xavier - UConn on the card, and on the road, once again, facing a struggling Xavier team that still nets you 1.55x if it pulls off a home win

All submissions due by Wednesday at 4pm PT / 7pm ET, unless the games you're picking tip before then.

Later this week we'll have content on Robn's ontological conundrum, a film breakdown of the Las Vegas man who attacked a judge in court, why St. Augustine still slaps 1,600 years later, and how Iga Swiatek became the benchmark for betting conservatism.

For now, your card.

The Card

Week 1.5 Mid-Week Special