Second-Round Card, Matchups, Everyone's Picks + Running Post

The release of the Robn NCAA Tournament Second-Round matchups, picks card and participants' individual picks -- plus, a running blog of the action.

Second-Round Card, Matchups, Everyone's Picks + Running Post
  • 1. The Second Round Robn Tournament Matchups
  • 2. The Second Round Card: Due at 4pm PT / 7pm ET Saturday
  • 3. Participants Individual Picks Released at 4pm PT
  • 4. Nicknames For The (newly and) Dearly Departed
  • 5. A Running Tab Of Results As They Come In

1. The Matchups

The bracket is viewable here.

Your Available Points To Spend is the same as it was in the first round. It does not change from round to round.

The top 2 seeds, Alex Aragon and Darrell Mitchell, as well as No. 6 seed Ryan Munson, all generated nearly 2,000 points and all lost due to respective haymakers thrown by their opponents: No. 64 Shane Rima went all-in on Grand Canyon and won by just 66 points, while No. 63 Bob Moncrief and No. 59 Chelsea Goss both allocated major points to JMU and eked out wins.

The second round matchups are as follows.

  • No. 64 Shane "Rima'd Him Out" Rima vs. No. 32 Kyle "The Dirty Duck" Rekofke
  • No. 48 Evan Miya vs. No. 49 Jeff "Shittens" Lunsman
  • No. 9 Jon "Not Pfizer, But..." Merck vs. No. 41 Jon "D'is He Ok?" Dziok
  • No. 40 DJ "The Sioux Falls Samurai" Leary vs. No. 8 Kevin "Wouldn't Have Happened Under John" Chaney
  • No. 4 Kyle "Sword and" Shields vs. No. 36 Greg Talbott
  • No. 20 Mark "Those Long, Cold" Winters vs. No. 13 Raymond "Oh- Whoa. No!"
  • No. 12 Devin "Unleavened" Kimball vs. No. 21 Eric "How Can This Man Possibly Be" Single
  • No. 37 Josh Benjamin vs. No. 5 Kevin "Leave A Message At The" Tone
  • No. 3 "Downtown" Tyler Brown vs. No. 30 A.G. Burnett
  • No. 19 Casey "The 12-Stettler Program" vs. No. 14 Sarah Hogan
  • No. 11 Fred Flinstone vs. No. 22 Caden "Flaming C" Wickwire
  • No. 38 Zach "The Godfather" Bloxham vs. No. 59 Chelsea "Oh My!" Goss
  • No. 58 David "The Forman On Site" Forman vs. No. 28 Andrew "The Lightning" Bolte
  • No. 23 Tyson "Wrap It In" Goss vs. No. 10 Josh "Clutching His" Pearl
  • No. 15 Cannon "Cann-dle In The Wind-er" vs. No. 18 Jared "Delete All The" Dupes
  • No. 34 Tevin Hall vs. No. 63 Bob Moncrief

2. The Card

The card is viewable and submittable at the banner below.

The card submission deadline is 4pm PT / 7pm ET on Saturday.

Games that tip before 4pm PT will come off the card in real-time once they tip off.

Second Round Tournament Card (Mar. 23-24)
In each round of the Tournament, contestants must allocate all Available Free Play Points (AFPP) points across one or more of the following markets. How many AFPP does each contestant have? The amount is listed right next to their name in the bracket. Click here to see the bracket and every contestant’s AFPP. The Second Round submission deadline is 4pm PT / 7pm ET on Saturday March 23rd

3. Participants' Individual Picks Will Be Posted Here

Picks will be posted here on a matchup by matchup basis as both participants' picks each are submitted. This is so that a participant won't be able to see their opponents' picks prior to submitting their own picks.

The entirety of the picks document will be posted in this space at 4pm PT.

Check back in this document on the website at for continuous updates.

4. Nicknames

We have at least 9 dearly departed who have not yet celebrated their sobriquets.

Tune in after the weekend for a series of proper memorial services.