Robn Golf Week 7: Stump The Schwab? Scheffler Overwhelming Fave At Colonial

With his win at the PGA Championship, Xander Schauffele is now off not one but two schneids. Meanwhile, the Robn Golf Sweepstakes leaderboard has evened out with two weeks to play.

Robn Golf Week 7: Stump The Schwab? Scheffler Overwhelming Fave At Colonial

  • 1. Ryblatowski leapfrogs Hogan, Geren; Downtown wins week
  • 2. We have a podcast and it's on Spotify
  • 3. Tour heads to Fort Worth with two weeks left to play


Xander Schauffele is off the schneid. Two schneids: The schneid of not winning a major, and the schneid of fumbling the bag on Sunday.

He did so one week after a distinct Sunday bag fumble at the Wells, made more chaotic by Rory McIlroy's complete seizing during said time of said bag.

Does Rory play better when his personal life is fracturing and when he's getting out-leveraged in PGA power games? Back-t0-back wins followed by a 12th-place finish this week suggest that he might.

Bryson DeChambeau supplanted childish churlishness with charisma this week, shooting a final round 64 to push Xander to the absolute limit. In spite of Xander desperately needing this win, the gallery it seemed was rooting more for the big man in the tiny hat.

The final holes, aside from being captivating golf, stood as a metaphor for the current state of the PGA Tour: At the moment its eponymous major is winding to a conclusion in which a cryptic perennial punching bag - a guy who stayed - is on the verge of finally righting his doubters, 51 percent of the crowd is rooting for the beefy obnoxious guy who already has a major, and who left.

Neither Xander or Bryson (nor Viktor Hovland, who was right there all Sunday, until he wasn't) will not be at this week's event, the Charles Schwab Challenge, which sounds like something involving getting your money out of your brokerage account during adverse circumstances.

Collin Morikawa, who lost his putter on Sunday, and Max Homa, who lost a double-hammer (and a T-30 for the Robners this past week), will be there.

Overwhelming favorite Scottie Scheffler will also be there. His charges should be dropped by the time he tees off on Thursday. Ed. note: His charges will not be dropped, and he is scheduled to be arraigned June 3rd.

Golf expert and hirsute former executive Jake "The COO" Williams joined me on Robn's debut podcast, which I've conveniently linked to directly beneath this text, to break down the insanity that was Friday morning at Valhalla.

Neither of our eminently reasonable proposals (Jake's being that the Louisville PD should've provided Scheffler a police escort to the course on Saturday, mine being that the destroyed pants of arresting officer Brian Gillis be flown at half mast) were considered.

RobnPod Episode 1: The Pants Were Damaged Beyond Repair
We debut RobnPod the same day - coincidentally - that the best golfer in the world gets arrested, gets released, then shoots five-under in a major.

We Are So Damn Inclusive

The above picture from Robn's crack graphics department would give the impression that in wresting away the Tournament lead from The Cruise Missile, he won his third individual week title in just six weeks.

475 points is, after all, larger than any other Week 6 winnings on the screen. Downtown Tyler Brown, however, posted a 515-piece, in part thanks to being one of the very few who took Xander outright. Tyler is so far downtown that in spite of his massive week he's still out of the top 10 of a 17-person race.

This leaderboard is a testament to parity and inclusivity. Parity in the sense that after last week's clear top three emerged, a nice gentle scale of roughly 2,400, 2,300, 2,200, 2,100, 2,000, 1,900, 1,800 and 1,700 has emerged amongst the top eight with two weeks to play. Inclusivity in the sense that we have two nickname-less freaks (newcomers) and a dame in the top three.

All are welcome, including Better Hair Than Mark Davis, who has hung around all tournament long with strong play. The Samurai of Sioux Falls will be sending Christmas cards to Viktor Hovland, who won him both a T-30 finish and a bogey-free round.

Jason Day finishing in 44th was a particularly close call, as his Better or Worse market called for better than 45th. Other than Downtown hitting the Min Woo Lee better than 47th market, Day's was the only market that won.

The Head-To-Head-Matchup Parlay market was really where the wheat separated from the chaff this week. For one thing, Ludvig Aberg to defeat Jon Rahm gave us our first ever tie, as both players finished at even par and, more surprisingly, missed the cut.

It's also where leader Rybaltowski and No. 4 Davis really made his points this weekend, each hitting an impressive 140-point get on Finau to defeat Day and Fleetwood to defeat Matsuyama.

Ryblatowski also hit a ballsy 135 point Make-The-Cut Parlay as well, of Alex Noren and Nicolas Hojgaard.

Full Leaderboard Through Week 6:

2024 Robn Golf Sweepstakes Tournament - Google Drive

Raw Week 6 Responses:

2024 Robn Golf Sweepstakes Tournament - Google Drive

Graded Week 6 Responses:

2024 Robn Golf Sweepstakes Tournament - Google Drive

Week 7 Card

Both the Head-To-Head Matchup and Make-The-Cut Parlay markets return this week. The Bogey-Free Round market is subbed out in favor of a T40 Parlay market.

With the smaller field at the Schwab, our Individual T30 market becomes Individual T20, and our Nationality Market is the "38th Parallel Edition" this week, focusing on the Koreans.

Oh, none of our markets feature the World Number 1 golfer. The math was off with him being included, even post-jumpsuit.

What can we say – we know how to give the people what they want.