RobnPod Episode 3: Mission Accomplished?

Brian (“Papa Bear”) McGuigan and the Commish reveal the winner of the 2024 Robn Golf Sweepstakes in real-time, which was decided in part by the final shot at the RBC Canadian Open, as well as a four-way tie for ...42nd?

RobnPod Episode 3: Mission Accomplished?

PGA communications czar Brian (“Papa Bear”) McGuigan joins the pod to reveal the winner of the 2024 Robn Golf Sweepstakes, discuss the ongoing dance between golf's two largest governing bodies, and recount the demise of the Pac-12 as he witnessed it from his front-row seat. Plus, the Commish announces some tweaks to the format of the upcoming Robn College Football Tournament, builds off of last week’s discussion around college sports realignment and sources an update for us on the Most Famous Pants In The Country.

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  • 0:35 - The Big Intro
  • 4:38 - Revealing The Winner of The Robn Golf Sweepstakes + The H2H Parlay Cunn-trovv-er-sy
  • 8:51 - Papa's Penance + Horses That Came Up Lame
  • 12:00 - Withdrawals, Wednesdays + Potential Robn Golf Sweepstakes Updates For Next Year
  • 16:23 - New Information About The 2024 Robn College Football Sweepstakes
  • 24:30 - Whether The Changes To College Sports Will Impact If We'll Enjoy Consuming Them
  • 33:20 - Having A Front Row Seat To The Pac-12's Demise + The Myth Of Realignment
  • 37:50 - Whether The PGA-LIV Merger Is Going To Be A Thing
  • 45:55 - Putting Out An A.P.B. On Wyndham Clark + The Leaked Scottie Footage
  • 54:00 - Where Det. Gillis' Pants Fit In The Overall Sports Memorabilia Pantheon + Papa's Real-Life Search For President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" Banner