Robn 2024 Super Bowl Tournament Card

Pay what you want to enter. Make 8 picks. Rack up points. Win the Tournament.

Robn 2024 Super Bowl  Tournament Card

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Robn's flagship single-game tournament is back,

We're using Typeform this time around to test out a non-GoogleForms-i-fied experience.

Contestants have no balances to allocate to markets, and simply make picks that are worth a pre-set amount of points.

And, mercifully, we're charging all of you some amount of money this time around.

Also mercifully, there will be no prop markets on anything have to do with the pop singer.

How To Enter:

Officially, the entry fee is pay-what-you-want-as-long-as-you-pay-something. (The suggested buy-in is $40). Venmo all entry fees to @robnhq.

Fill out and submit one (1) card using the big bold "Enter Now" link, above, or at the embed below. If people submit more than one card, their first card will be the one that counts.

All cards must be submitted and money must be received BEFORE Sunday at 6pm ET. Not before kickoff at 6:37pm ET. Before 6pm ET, flat.

How To Play:

There is no balance of fake currency to allocate. Just make picks, and earn points.

Contestants need to make one selection each from eight different groupings of prop markets:

  • Full-Game Spread/ML/Total
  • Individual Team Scoring
  • Anytime Touchdown Scorer
  • Quarterback Passing Props
  • Rushing or Receiving Props
  • Defensive or Kicking Props
  • Novelty Markets (One-Way)
  • Novelty Markets (Two-Way)

Each selection will earn contestants a pre-determined amount of points if it is successful. This amount is listed next to each selection.

How To Win:

Earn more points from successful picks than your fellow contestants earn.

The final standings will be posted just as soon as we can figure out how to grade Typeform response logic and do Excel math.

There will be whiskey involved.

The prize will be dependent on how much people put in.

Questions: Holler at