Announcements: Super Bowl Tournament, No More Mid-Week Card, Nickname Protocols

Because what makes more sense in the middle of a college basketball contest than talking about the Super Bowl?

Announcements: Super Bowl Tournament, No More Mid-Week Card, Nickname Protocols

1) If we get enough interest, we're going to run a Super Bowl Betting Tournament and in so doing, test out a different back-end for the picks card.

If we get 50 "yes" votes, we'll make this happen. The more the merrier.

The buy-in would be pay-what-you-want via Venmo - as long as you pay something. The handle is @robnhq.

The prize would be reflective of what everyone puts in.

The card would be sent out Monday Feb. 5th.

Contestants would select a total of 10 bets: 3 team spread/totals, 4 player props, 2 team or game props, and 1 wacky prop. Each pick, if successful, would generate a certain amount of winnings.

The person with the most winnings from correct bets at the conclusion of the Super Bowl wins the whole prize.

Again, we need at least 50 yes votes. Vote below (be sure to click to "allow cookies" if prompted).

2) After much feedback from and some confusion amongst the Robners, we are doing away with the mid-week cards for the remainder of the College Basketball Contest regular season segment.

We will return to just one card per week for Saturday games, sent out around its usual Thursday evening/Friday morning time. These will continue through the games of Saturday March 9th.

There will be one final card sent out on Tuesday March 12th, where instead of picking markets on specific games, you'll be asked to pick the winners of each of the conference tournaments concluding that following weekend.

At the conclusion of that card/those games, the top 64 contestants will be entered into the 1-64 seeded Tournament Segment to do battle mano-y-mano.

3) People's bonus winnings for referrals will be added to their account after the upcoming Week 5 games are completed and normal winnings are tallied.

Social media engagement bonus winnings are going to be harder to allocate. Our account has many retweets, etc., from accounts whose origin we can't determine (thanks X). Thus, we don't know who all to award points to. If you think you are owed, just send us a screenshot of your tweets.

Remember, it's a maximum of 25 winnings per week (100 winnings total over 4 weeks), regardless of how many times you retweeted something.

4) Nicknames are back, but the nickname protocols this go round are new.

Unlike past competitions where contestants "die" when they blow their entire balance, Robn contests award no "balances," so people can never "die." Winnings either go up or stay flat, even when contestants fill out one card and never return (looking at you, curiously-named Dill Pickle, and others).

So, we're making nicknames aspirational and resultant of forward progress.

Contestants who do not already have nicknames will receive nicknames upon completion of the earlier of a) amassing at least 7,500 Winnings, or b) losing in a round of the Tournament Segment. Those who neither amass 7,500 Winnings, nor qualify for the Tournament Segment, will not receive a nickname.

As we sit currently, a pair of Kevins (Tone and Chaney) in 9th and 10th place sit around 4,000 in winnings, and are on the inside track to receive our first nicknames of the 2024 season.

This concludes this important nickname update.

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