CBB '24 - Robn CBB Tournament Bracket Revealed

After slogging through 11 weeks of the deeply unsexy grey/brown slog of January and February college basketball, today we waltz right into a 64-person tournament that mirrors the format and content of the NCAA Tournament itself.

CBB '24 - Robn CBB Tournament Bracket Revealed

Mano Y Mano 'Madness'

After slogging through 11 weeks of boiled vegetables, the grey/brown slog of January and February college basketball, today we dish up everyone's dessert.

With it, we bring the unique twist of Robn's college basketball contest: a 64-person tournament that mirrors the format, schedule and content of the NCAA Tournament itself.

Congratulations to our top 64 seeds on progressing on in the contest. If you finished below 64, your season is done.

Setting The Table

Several of you received some big points bumps from some major wins during conference championship week, aka "Week 11."

None fared bigger and better than Kevin Tone (nickname reveal below) who nailed the Mountain West Tournament pick ("other") the ACC Tournament pick ("other") and Big 12 Tournament pick (Iowa State).

The wins nabbed him 2,780 points and sent him from 17th to 5th in the standings, just one spot shy of a top four seed and having a region named after him.

Sarah Hogan and Josh Benjamin also came through with some clutch pointage, largely on account of being the only two others to pick "other" to win the ACC (shout out North Carolina State). Each of Hogan and Benjamin moved up 10 places in the final standings.

Tim "The Fabric" Twilliger, DJ Leary and Cannon "Canndle In The Wind" Winder each picked three conference tournament winners correctly, as well.


Three of you uninitiated have reached the 7,500-point threshold, so as promised, we're bringing the free content below (by content we mean a completely arbitrary nickname that will follow you around for the duration of Robn's existence).

  • Kevin "Setting The" Tone (5th Place, 8,853 points): He secured this by setting the tone on conference championship weekend, the exploits of which we just described in the above section. But this Caden "Flaming C" Wickwire recruit to the Robn universe has arguably set the tone for all newcomers wire to wire this year. If he keeps this up we might have to recruit him away from the smoldering embers of WynnBet to help run the book of Robn...
  • Kevin "This Wouldn't Have Happened Under John" Chaney (8th Place, 8,104 points): Someone in this contest needed to serve as a direct allusion to the Temple men's basketball point-shaving investigation (it's not going to stop at just Temple), and who better than the man that shares a name with the program's most famous coach. Thank you for submitting every single card of the contest. There were only two weeks that you didn't win any points. That's remarkable consistency.
  • Josh "Clutching His" Pearl (10th Place, 7,812 points): Josh was one of only four contestants (three of whom were newcomers) to submit a card during all 14 possible submission times. He displayed the same diligence when we first met during extremely dry regulatory rulemaking meetings in the earliest hours of legal U.S. sports betting. It would take a lot to make Josh clutch his pearls, but if anything would do it, some NCAA tournament shenanigans that jeopardize his run at a title might do so.

Welcome to the program, gentlemen.

Tim Merck, Sarah Hogan and Fred Flinstone each had near-misses on the 7,500 point total required for pre-tournament nicknames.

Stay tuned for their reveals once they each bomb out of the tournament.

Final Standings & Seed List

Click the banner below to view the final standings, which correspond to the final seed list for the tournament.

2024 College Basketball Contest - Master File - Google Drive

Your Top Four Seeds

Alex "Ranger of the North" Aragon is toying with you.

In a move that allowed the recent father to give new meaning to the term "daddy," Aragon didn't even send in a card during championship week and still claimed the top overall seed by a margin of 2,000 points.

Your top four overall seeds are:

  1. Alex "Ranger of the North" Aragon
  2. Darrell "9.9" Mitchell
  3. "Downtown" Tyler Brown
  4. Kyle "Sword and" Shields

These gentlemen get the distinction of having their respective regions of the bracket named after them.

They will also have the most amount of points to allocate in each round of the tournament. For the full list of available balances per seed, click on the link to the bracket below.

Remember - the goal of the tournament is to generate more winnings than your opponent in each round.

Upcoming Schedule Of Cards, Submission Deadlines

The card with first-round games and prices will be sent out at some point in the coming hours (but no later than Tuesday morning).

All first-round card submissions are due by 9am PT / Noon ET on Thursday. No exceptions.

First round Robn tournament winners will be listed in the bracket in real-time, and sent out officially on Friday night along with the second-round card.

The second-round card submissions will be due by 2pm PT / 5pm ET on the following day, Saturday Mar. 23rd.

The Bracket

Here it is. Follow this link all tournament long for live updates.

Be sure to check your available points balance so that you know how much you have to spend each round.

2024 College Basketball Contest - Master File - Google Drive